Monday, March 29, 2010




Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lovely day

Lovely weather is enough to make my day.
First blossom in Central Park, a short walk home with pretty sunshine and sexy shadows are enough to slow down my steps in this busy apple.
So now even sitting in front of my desk, I can still smile while reading notes, knowing this lovely day is not only for me.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

aggressive pilot


次飞机说来也不小,横排6人. 在高空颠的时候我安慰说这是气流,但是着陆时颠的也厉害,特别是有了地面参照物.着陆前2分钟,就看机翼在那里狂抖,我左边的大妈眼睛都不敢睁,然后右边她女儿就吐了...$$%*&^%*&^.....
事后想起了Pittsburgh郊外以告示: watch out for local aggressive drivers.童鞋们,去FL的时候留神spirit的飞行员呐...呐....呐.........呐...................

Thursday, March 4, 2010

a short break from being teased

just finished another interview

so tired of being asked about cpp
now i start to appreciate being frank. at least i enjoyed the talk. the guy's first line was: this is a developer position with intensive emphasis on cpp.....blablablah....

hehe. anyway, it is good to talk to another boiler maker, and apparently i am not ready for such position, or i am not really interested in such position? i needs some serious thought

so, the good news is that i can at least work on my research in the next week, and followed by a break in FL. every time in FL is an adventure, and hope this 3rd time will bring me something extraordinary
太累了被询问的C + +
现在我开始欣赏直言。至少我所享有的交谈。这个家伙的第一行是:这是一个密集的重点在C ++..... blablablah ....开发商的立场

赫赫。无论如何,这是很好的交谈,另一锅炉制造商,显然我不准备这样的位置,或者我不是真的这么职位感兴趣? i需要一些认真思考