Saturday, December 26, 2009

Let me take a break

the flight is in less than 10 hrs. but i cant fall asleep...partly i am excited, and also just cant adjust from my past exam sleep disorder.
i guess that i wont be able to access this blog for a while, and more importantly, i wont have access to a lot other websites as well...
anyway. how should i deal with this sleepless night....
let me bubble a bit of weather.actually nyc's got similar climte as cixi...well i mean it rains a lot especially when it is damn cold. like this evening. we need to observe if ppl passing by holding an umbralla to decide if u can step out....but it is kinda funny tho.
anyway. i am so looking forward to weiwei's wedding now, which is gonna be a big reunion. i always enjoy the company of close friends. being around with friends and chatting can be a joyful experience.
tho i dont know whats the meaning to maintain a blog like this, ive kept on putting craps in it....maybe i should form a subject to it. hey, those who subsribed this blog. any suggestion on any topics is welcome...

Thursday, December 24, 2009



Saturday, December 19, 2009



今天大学中跑到stamford,却辗转在port chester看了新出炉的avatar. 早就盼了好几个月了,一个字,很赞.
故事本身就是找了一个虚幻的例子,好使得最近各种电脑特技有bso的机会.但是,...我却隐隐感到很多人性,或说是对生命的爱惜. (哦,这词用的太感性了)
有的时候觉得,如果我在那里,我会怎么选择呢,选择留下来吗?那就是背叛自己的种族,离开?但是冥冥中又是one of the people.......


Sunday, December 13, 2009

a gift for myself

After being a fan of Bruce Lee for years, I finally brought myself some documents I can touch.

Rather than just a performer, he is really a great martial artist and philosopher, who often drives me to read Taoism's Daodejing. That is also a gift, from one of my very best friends.

Quite often, you can see those guys in the gym with hug muscles, or you can see those runners with very weak upper bodies. One can easily go into one extreme or another, with the original purpose of physical practice out of your mind.

It is the balance! Balance of speed, power and endurance. It is a process of self-completeness, instead of showing others what you can accomplish.

PS: wish the snow could arrive soon. i wanna go snowboarding.

Monday, December 7, 2009



Sunday, December 6, 2009


i've always wanted to subscribe National Geographic, which is a great magazine, especially with stunning pics.
and now....right, you got it.... i finally received the first issue of those in the following year, Oh Yeah!!
you can kindly request to borrow it, once i am done with it, but pick up only, hiehie~